Luca Dallago wins his first race in Wagrain

Austria held the first Riders Cup of the season 2015/16

Luca Dallago wins his first race in Wagrain

After a big start in Quebec City at the end of November, the longest Ice Cross Dowhnill season continued with the first of the six Riders Cup on December 19 at Wagrain-Kleinarl in Austria.

Champion of the same course the past season, Marco didn’t participate to the Wagrain Riders Cup this year. With pressure on his shoulders by defending the Dallago title, Luca Dallago won the first place during a warm winter evening of December. Canadian Dylan Moriarity, the first Sherbrooke Riders Cup edition’s champion, won the second place of the race while the French rider Tristan Dugerdil took the third place. Cameron Naasz, who didn’t race in Wagrain, still lead the championship with 1 000 points because of his win at the Red Bull Crashed Ice competition in Quebec City.

It was the first Ice Cross Downhill competition for the three women who stood on the podium at the Wagrain’s Riders Cup. Michelle Noe of Netherlands won the first place of the competition. Sandrine Rageron of France took the second place, following by the local athlete Veronika Windish.

Avoriaz in France will held the next Riders Cup competition on January 16.